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My name is Laurens Hoste, I am a Dutch artist born in January 1978. I grew up and live in Rotterdam. After following the course of drawing on high school I started the art academy in 1999. My focus is acrylic painting. My main drive was to express myself and I fitted in best with the stylistics and intellectual background of "expressionism".

In 2003, my graduation year, I made a collection of duo-prints. Printing on paintings with the use of another painting, pressing them together to give physical resemblance and also mechnicalizing my hand signature. One of the best examples of a duo print is Hammer & Owl.

Lately my aim is to connect a sense of real-time experience to a painting. Painting is often seen as static, I feel this is a loss to fully experience paintings. I search to visibly alter perception and make looking at a painting tangable. Some of the outcomes of this search are that I started painting on transparent plastics and use photo shop and video projections to explore painting.

Giving workshops in acrylic mediums feeds the need to keep experimenting and innovating myself with these mediums. Using different primers, charcoal, pastels,acrylics, paste's en gels...

I am an open minded and friendly person but also sceptic and thoughtful. Always open for suggestions and collaborations!! Lau

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Malibu Jungle

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