Welcome to my homepage.

This is a place for me to show my art works and scribbles.

My fascination with images are mostly with transformation, that a thing can be changed. From a drawing into a painting, from a painting into a film. As imagery is in a constant flow in my mind and so are my work outs off an idea. This page is intended to be a stage for that process. Under the header "Artist" you can find something about me."Gallery" show cases a selection of individual art pieces in their present state, while "Gallery sets" show cases much of the procces. "Video" is part of my experimental game, trying to make painting a "time-based" art.

I also do "Workshops" so if you are an art student and wish to learn more about abstract art and acrylic mediums check that header. Feel free to contact me for more, or for updates and exhibittions. Have a look around if you will.

If you find anything interesting, I am willing to answer questions, to exhibit my works as well as sell them. Please enjoy:)