Gallery sets

this is a page to display groups of images that have something in common. I started working on Project Backgrounds including -Malibu Jungle- in 2009 as a result of mixing drawings, pictures and paintings with digital editing. In (the ongoing) Project background I create several backgrounds as a surface to make a collage with separate already dried pieces of paint. In Malibu Jungle you can also see that I explore the possibilities of taking pictures of parts of the painting or digitally editing the pictures to get separate and different results. Malibu Jungle is inspired on a lucid forest where colours appeal in jumbled kind of way. High and low contrasts and sharp and soft tones. It tastes slightly like a sweet liqueur thus the title of the set.

Malibu Jungle

A wife a drink a book a smoke. This set of images is based on a painting I made in summer 2009 while I was a member of "De Fabriek" for about three months. I found inspiration in a rebellious kind of lust.

A wife. a drink, a book, a smoke

Duo-prints is a set created in the graduation year of my study at HKU Academy of fine-arts in Utrecht.I was interested in the cross over between printing techniques and painting. In the first few years at the academy I enjoyed experimenting with etching and mono prints, often retouching them with pastels inks or paints. Often what I did wasn't suitable for a neat repetition of prints, but a great way to study in image in series. For me the repetition has to do with content, if it looks similar but is different does it carry the same expressive values? It lead up to me writing a graduation thesis about dialectics in imagery . It also lead up to making Hammer & Owl a self-imposed method I named 'duo print'. The artwork is created by painting on each canvas and then printing the paintings onto each other. Creating a repetitive feature on both paintings that are actually residues of each other. A sense of connection/confrontation shows by its somewhat mirrored depiction.